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Every second we do a lab test!

Synevo in numbers

This is 15 years of caring for the health of Ukrainians.

This is 350+ laboratory centers near the house in 150+ locations across Ukraine.

This is an international examination. After all, Synevo is part of the European medical holding Medicover, which is represented in 11 countries, including Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey and other.

These are 98 powerful, modern laboratories, 8 of which are in Ukraine: in Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Odesa, Kharkiv, Kherson and Dnipro.
Due to a wide network of laboratories in Europe, Synevo has international contracts with the best equipment and reagents manufacturers – this allows the company to use the latest generation equipment and, accordingly, to offer modern and affordable laboratory diagnostics.

This is strict adherence to international standards, including ISO 15189.
This is the trust of millions of Ukrainians: in 2021 we managed ~5.5 million customers and performed ~ 31.5 million tests.

This is 3000+ employees, and each of them works under the motto quickly, accurately, conveniently:

  • quick service in the department saves our clients' time as much as possible;
  • the accuracy of the results is confirmed by multi-level quality control;
  • convenient office location, opportune results getting and a lot of additional services – the assurance of our clients and doctors comfort.

This is the development of Ukraine – only in 2020 we paid ~267 million UAH of various taxes and fees.
Millions of Ukrainians trust us. Choose the network of European medical laboratories Synevo!

*in case of 70-hour working week

More about Medicover

Medicover − is a specialised provider of healthcare in Europe. Medicover was founded in 1995 in Poland as response to the high demand for high quality medical services. Growing up, Medicover successfully provides services in Poland, Germany, Romania and Ukraine. Today this is a wide network of outpatient clinics, hospitals and specialized institutions and laboratories, divided into two areas: health care service and diagnostic service.

Healthcare Services — offers high-quality care based on an Integrated Healthcare Model. The basis for this is a network of 25 hospitals and 117 clinics and medical facilities. Major markets are Poland, India and Romania.

Diagnostic Services — provides a broad range of laboratory testing in all major clinical pathology areas. The business is conducted through a network of 98 laboratories, 733 blood-drawing points (BDPs) and 26 clinics. Major markets are Germany, Ukraine, Romania and Poland.

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