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What makes Synevo stand out among other laboratories?

  • Our laboratory is a part of a large medical holding "Medicover" (the headquarters of the holding is in Stockholm, Sweden), which has an ambitious goal: to create an alternative commercial healthcare system in Eastern Europe. The company has experience operating in the laboratory markets of Romania, Poland and Germany.
  • The laboratory is certified according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 and plans to get the laboratory accreditation standard ISO 15189-2012. This procedure is mandatory for all Synevo laboratories, and is being performed under the supervision of experts from different countries. This puts the laboratory in line with other European laboratories and provides customers with standardized services.
  • The laboratory regularly participates in external quality assessment systems of laboratory services, both Ukrainian and international (program DGKL, Berlin), thus confirming the high level of quality.
  • The laboratory uses a software product that unites all its divisions and subsidiaries through the Internet. With this software, the company has introduced a system of bar coding of all biological material and automated the work with analyzers that are always connected to the program. This program was developed for Synevo and applied to all laboratories in Poland, Romania and Germany.
  • The company has the largest network of manipulation offices in Ukraine and operates seven medical laboratories in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv. This allows us to get closer to our customers and allows patients to spend less time for laboratory services.
  • Laboratory Synevo offers affordable prices for laboratory tests. This is due to the company’s multinational contract with ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS (the world № 1 in selling of laboratory equipment) for the direct supply of equipment and reagents, which allows us to make the diagnosis more affordable for our patients.
  • Synevo laboratory is actively engaged in clinical trials in the world. Ukraine is not an exception. Our international partners’ trust to the laboratory in Ukraine indicates a high level of organization of staff and equipment.

We provide assistance in the diagnostics for physicians, and a respectable level of service for patients.

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