Synevo is the European chain of medical laboratories in Ukraine

The chain of medical laboratories Synevo is a part of the medical holding Medicover and consists of 41 laboratories in Eastern and Central Europe: Germany, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Serbia. The headquarters of Medicover is located in Brussels, Belgium.


Getting ready for kindergarten and school! 12.08.2014

Medical laboratory "Synevo" preparing for the fall with you! We have prepared a new Complex studies, which will help maintain the health of your child at the highest level.

Also helps you be prepared for school, kindergarten or a swimming pool.

Eight new complex studies:


  • Package # 155 Child Health (9 analyzes) 
  • Package # 156 go to kindergarten, school (15 tests) 
  • Package # 158 before vaccination (6 analyzes) 
  • Package # 160 Anemia in children (7 analyzes) 
  • Package # 161 causes of overweight in children (5 tests) 
  • Package # 163 healthy adolescents (21 analysis) 
  • Package # 164 go to the pool (5 tests) 
  • Package # 165 Helminths in children (10 tests) 

These studies include analyzes of blood, urine and feces, which show a complex state of health of your child!

Approved test quality

European medical laboratory Synevo Ukraine

Every patient is guaranteed to receive high standards of client services and the highest quality of testing at the international chain of medical laboratories Synevo. Our mission is to help our patients take better control of their health by offering secure and modern laboratory diagnostics that meets the most rigorous international standards.


More than 1000 tests for your health

In the Synevo Ukraine’s different laboratory centers you can take blood, urine, stool and many other tests. We provide more than 1000 tests for our patients.


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